Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Agenda Sneak Peeks 2012: Vans Part 2 of 2

Rowley SPV in Black Tobacco, Black Charcoal White & Charcoal Dark Forest. Available June '12.

The Rowley SPV returns again this season in some mature colorways and an all leather model for the ultimate chill shoe. It's possibly the thinnest shoe in the industry and we're not so sure how well people have been taking it. Compared to his older, iconic models, the SPV is incredibly lightweight, no longer vegan friendly and has mixed reviews. I tried on a pair and just from walking around in them, they have a great shape and a comfortable insole. Truthfully though, the shoe isn't for most people. It's practically thinner than classic slip-on's and if you're skating a park, you'll be subjected to slipping. If you get these Rowley SPV's, keep them for the street sessions and out of the smooth parks. You're more than likely to have a better experience with them if you skate in the crusty streets. All of these colorways are scheduled to drop this June 2012.

Rowley SPV in Taupe Print.

Next up is the newest team model and in our opinion, the next most worn shoe of the new year, the "Lindero". Just by the looks of it, you might say that Vans is looking to capitalize on the "Janoski" craze that has been going on for quite sometime now. Whether it be true or not, they created the next best seller. The Lindero has many advantages v.s. the Janoski. The Vans Co-Molded Pu Cushioning is seriously untouchable and sure enough, this feature can be found in the Lindero. Aside from that, the classic gum rubber outsole that everyone and their mother loves is in there. It's definitely going to be interesting to see how well the Lindero is taken in. Your thoughts?

Lindero in Mahogany Mid Grey, Black Pumice Blue & Bark. Available June '12.

Lindero is Bark, Pewter Black & Black Charcoal Mahogany. Out June '12.

Last but not least is the Stage 4 Low & Mid that everyone has been raging about. People left and right are curious about it's promising features and whether this new "Wafflecup" construction is the real deal. By the time you read this, there may already be a youtube review on it but we intend to go knee deep into this model and review it in the future. Vans is normally not this untimely with trends but people as of late have been getting quite tired of whole "fusion" technology that they've been promised for ages now. STI has already dropped their entire fusion program and countless other companies haven't even bothered trying it. We'll see how well this model plays out and look out for a potential review in the near future.

Stage 4 Low Available June '12. Andrew Allen in Black Gum & Chima Ferguson in Navy & Brilliant Blue.

The Gilbert Crockett Stage 4 Mid in Brick & Gum. Available June '12.

We might put out another sneak peek sometime this week but we'd like to get you up to date on our next shoe review.

As the weather is getting warmer, it makes sense for us to release our Gravis Filter Duro review. It's one of the thinnest models we've come to skate but it's bumper feature held up incredibly well. Hopefully by next week, we'll have the review up and running.

Also, our last post was our 100th and we're really excited to keep it going. Thanks for all your views, interest & support in what we've been doing.



  1. Really looking forward to Vans this year. I have been skating the Pacquard and it is hands down one of the best shoes I have ever skated. Can't wait for the new colorways. Also the Lindero's look amazing. Possible review of them in the future?

    1. Possibly for sure but truthfully, I don't think they'll have a problem getting off shelves.

    2. You are probably right. Thanks for replying. Keep up the work.

  2. Those are not The Gilbert Crockett Stage 4 Mid in Brick & Gum, these are...

  3. is vans still gonna make the pacquard?

    1. Most definitely. A while back, we were going to do an article on how the Pacquard evolved from the Versa. They took the same elements from that shoe and made the toe longer and cleaner.

      The Pacquard is a great skate shoe and has been slept on for reasons unknown.

    2. I liked the Versa more... didn't realize that it was out of their line now. Bummer.