Wednesday, February 29, 2012

First Glance: Ipath Cat Vibram

The Ipath Cats are an essential landmark when thinking of 90's skateboarding shoes. If you're a true skateboarder, you'll always respect and recognized the past history of our beloved plank and four wheels culture. In doing so, you have to be able to remember a time when everyone was wearing these. For those of you who weren't born at the time, these were the shit. Don't bother asking me to explain it because that's another article in it's entirety. There is simply no debate here. They're being reintroduced to this generation with a newly improved outsole. Not just any, a Vibram outsole. This bottom is as complex as it gets but it doesn't get ahead of itself by any means. Allow me to elaborated. The solid rubber squares on the outside of the outsole are harden for stability purposes and the inner workings of the outsole have soft grooves that give you the boardfeel of a slip-on. As far as I'm concerned, this has never been done before and it is a thing of beauty envy.

Now, before we give too much praise, you must know this. We weren't going to review these Ipaths in an attempt to keep things fair in the universe. You see, after the "Other Ones" by Thad Croskey came out, Ipath dropped about a third of their promising team. Before that, it really appeared that they were on track to reaching the core audience that they once had. Of course it wouldn't reach the status that they had achieved early on but it would've been nice to see them in the running.

All in all, one piece toe cap reviews aren't as interesting as this one. It's a wallaby stitched toe, the silhouette is aesthetically pleasing (at least for me) and once you slip these on you can't help feeling like Matt Rodriguez. All of a sudden, you'll have the urge to cut your bushings in half and go fast as shit.

I don't know how long they'll last but I know I'm in for a fun fucking ride.

 Expect this review sometime around May. If you have any favorite memories of skating Cats and know what I'm talking about, please leave a comment below in an attempt to educate our youth.


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