Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Agenda Sneak Peeks 2012: Praxis Footwear

Ethos in Maroon/Black Suede. Fall 12.

Between the Giants winning the SuperBowl & the warmer weather, we've dropped the ball on keeping you up to date. We're going to make things right by giving you a sneak peek into the Praxis line for Fall 2012. You might've seen a photo from our Berrics summary sneak peek but here's the extended version with the rest of the models.

Praxis is looking to bring some refreshment to a very repetitive industry. The skate shoe game hasn't changed much in the last 5-10 years. They're using unique color patterns and are trying something new. We've been talking back and forth with their first team rider, Karl Watson & he's getting us a pair to review asap. We'll let you know if Praxis is ultimately going to hold their own in the skate game and let their shoes do the talking.

The opening photo is the Ethos. It's the model that can be seen in the latest Praxis commercial featuring the happy Karl Watson. As you can see, it's a cupsole model with a clean and rounded toe. We've always been fond of a rounded toe because it's way easier to flick your tricks rather than dealing with a sharp and narrow toe. It comes in a number of colorways and looks to be one of the more popular models to come from Praxis.

Ethos Overview. Brown/ Beige Hemp, Grey/Orange Suede, Maroon/Black Suede & Black/Rasta Suede.

The "Core" slightly reminds us of the C1RCA Gallant due to it's familiar shape. It's another cupsole model that but isn't your typical one piece toe. The Core has a double stitched toe cap and a low fit. When we did our Gallant review, this formula proved to work amazingly well so you might be able to expect the same durability from the Core. (photo below)

The "Core". In Tan/Yellow Hemp & Suede, Blk/Grey/Red Hemp & Suede, Black Hemp/Synthetic (Vegan) & Navy/Suede.

The "Elemental" is your standard high-top with traditional ankle support and cupsole technology. It's a double stitch toe cap and is an average alternative to anyone tired of Dunks. The Elemental isn't anything too flashy and is a very subtle high-top (which is surprisingly refreshing). Normally, when you think of high-tops today, some models have practically hit the knee. I'm talking to you TK. Diversity seems to be Praxis strong hold over consumers because almost every model in their catalog comes in a vegan-friendly model. In this case, the Red Hemp & Black model has no blood on it's hands.

The "Elemental" in Black Suede/Plaid/Orange, White Leather, Grey Suede/Denim & Red Hemp/Black Synthetic.

The "Principal" in Tan Hemp, Black Leather,  Navy Suede & Sage Suede.

The "Principles" model is a simple & slim low skate shoe that could be a hit with consumers. It's a no brainer because of it's mass appeal. It's clean one piece toe that could fit any personality. It's functionality is proven to work as well. With no paneling or stitching to get in the way, the Principles look to be a favorable skate shoe and hopefully, durable.

The "Freestyle" in Grey Suede/Lime, Tan Suede/Hemp, Brw/Blk/Orange & Black Suede Hemp.

The "Freestyle" is another high-top with the same cupsole technology as the Elemental. These two are very similar but the only difference between both models is the paneling. The paneling on the Freestyle could be proven to help with stability and prevent your foot from spilling over. This spilling over is only a common problem for those who have wide feet. Otherwise, no worries.

Because of this extra paneling on the Freestyle, it'll probably take longer to break them in verses the Elemental. The differences aren't great but these facts could be the deciding factor when choosing between either high-top.

We'll be back on Friday with another one. See you then.



  1. nooooooooooooooo. NNOOOOOOO! :( ewwwww

  2. I fully back these guys! I really like how the shoes came out, they look awesome. And Karl Watson is unreal, best of luck to them!

  3. yuck. is it me or does their logo look like a pile of poo?