Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Agenda Sneak Peeks 2012: HUF, Part 2 of 2

The "Choice" in Brown/Blk & Navy/Tan. The "Clarence" in Military/Brown.

Above and below, you've got a mixture of two great models that can fit anyone's needs. The Choice & the Clarence are both vulcanized soles with a suede, leather & canvas combination throughout. The Choice has been a popular model amongst a bunch of people but I'm still waiting on the hip-hop community to catch on. If Lil Wayne is fully on board with skating then how about a HUF endorsement...?

It'd only be right and of all people, he could pull it off. Isn't he reppin' 5BORO & DGK right now...isn't he aware that Jovontae Turner did that shit way before he ever sold his first dime?

Sorry people, we got caught up in our Wayne rant & almost forgot to mention the Clarence. It's a great looking high-top with unique paneling that protects the stitching on the toe box from blowing out. Even better, it doesn't look like half the shoes out right now & more than likely skates great.

The "Choice" in Cream/ Red & Red/Red. The "Clarence" in Blk/Cream.

We did a HUF 1 review sometime ago and we loved the way it skated. It had pretty much everything we could've asked for in a skate shoe. Now it's gone from the cupsole that we loved to this new vulcanized version. The HUF 1 vulc will more than likely last just as long as the cupsole but will have better boardfeel and possibly better control.

Olive will be the trending colorway of 2012, we're calling it. It looks fucking amazing on the HUF 1 vulc and you know how I know, because I'm literally drooling right now. For 2013, we're thinking Hunter green will be the "it" colorway. The red is just as appealing but you might have to strategize a bit more when walking around. You can't just wear those in any hood.

"Huf 1 Vulc" in Olive/Wht/Tan & Red/Wht/Tan.

The Hufnagel Pro is surrounded this season with premium materials that could function both on and off the board. The hunter khaki colorway is a combination of waxed canvas, suede & leather while the oiled black colorway is oiled suede. It gives off the same visual appeal as leather but is slightly better for skating.

Did we call it too early on the hunter 2013 thing...?

Below those colorways are the gum sole colorways. The crimson/gum and the bison/gum colorway are both covered in suede and leather. The Hufnagel Pro could (and hopefully will), be the next popular model in core skate brands to gain a huge amount of popularity. It's a clean looking cupsole with a slight and practically unnoticeable change in height from the heel to the toe. Similar, if you didn't say it already, to the Busenitz. And when we say "core" skate brands, we mean brands that originate from skateboarding, not the ones that endorse golfers, basketball & soccer athletes.

Thanks to Keith Hufnagel for walking us through his line at Agenda. You can expect a HUF review sooner than later.


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