Friday, February 24, 2012

Cell Phone Sneak Peeks: Vans Half Cab Fall 12 Preview. Part 1 of 2.

20th Anniversary Half Cabs Detail. Due June '12.

One thing I just want to put out there is that these sneak peeks aren't always welcomed. When we first started gathering the Agenda sneak peek articles, we were kicked out of most booths and had to resort to guerrilla style tactics. These photos are definitely not suppose to be released as of right now but how the fuck else are we going to get you to keep coming back...?

Vans is commemorating Steve Caballero & celebrating the 20th year of his timeless shoe. Steve Cab handpicked 3 artists to collaborate and design his Half Cab. He even went as far as uniquely designing one himself that'll be featured next week. Today we'll be showing you two artists that helped design these featured 20th anniversary half cabs.

20th Anniversary Half Cabs designed by Mofo. Available June 2012.
Morizen Foche, otherwise known as Mofo, has helped build skateboarding from the ground up. Some of his history involves having helped successfully launch Thrasher Magazine and shaping it to be the world-wide recognized magazine it is today. He also shot the iconic photo that is the basis of the of the label illustration that you can find on every half cab from the last twenty years. Steve collaborated with Mofo again and as a result, you can now see his original photo printed on this June half cab.

Dirty Donny Artwork.

You have undoubtedly seen Dirty Donny's artwork. He's done everything from toys, album covers & has had an amazing influence on punk rock culture. Now he's bringing his signature style to the half cab. This fall, you can expect to get these at select shops but be quick & don't sleep because they'll be gone.

Dirty Donny's Half Cab. Due July '12.

Check back next week for the second half of our Half Cab sneak peek.
Next week we'll also be announcing an awesome first glance & potentially a shoe review.
We'll keep you posted & if you're getting impatient or just want to ask a question about what shoe you should try next, bother us on twitter or facebook.


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