Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Insta-gratification: Habitat Kerry Getz Pro Model

Kerry's first ad for Habitat Footwear. Available Summer '12.

   It's been 7 days since our last post & that's equivalent to an eon in internet years. After a small period of untimely events, we got our shit together & decided to get back on schedule. Last time we left off, we had intended to bring you a little more info on Kerry Getz's debut pro model for his longtime board sponsor, now shoe sponsor, Habitat footwear.

Social media has definitely helped give us some material in the past and even more today. Kerry posted a preview of his debut pro model for Habitat on Instagram. We're mainly doing this post for those of you who don't have iphones (like us) and for those of you who are smart enough to not pay attention to the devilish whore that is social media. I salute you.

Kerry's Debut pro model for Habitat Footwear.

This newest model might be similar to silhouettes out today but it's a completely new idea for Kerry. If you remember correctly or have been an avid fan of the Philly native, his previous models have all been large, bulky cupsoles with a double stitched panel toe cap.

We're just going off the photo here but it appears that the shoe has a stitchless lining on the toe, otherwise making it a one piece toe cap. Because Kerry is use to a panel toe cap, I could see this being something he absolutely needs as a visual in order to skate. That's going a little to far into speculation but c'mon people, use your imagination. Whatever the case may be, we're backing him. He's been one of the most loyal skateboarder's to date even as the industry becomes more and more cut throat.

We're going to keep bothering Kerry for a full exclusive sneak peek on his debut model & potentially an interview. If you want to bother him with us, here's his twitter.

Check in again this week, we're not going anywhere for awhile, this devilish whore has got us by the balls.



  1. Them shits better be cupsoles and all murdered out. Looks like I'll be wearing some habitat shoes soon.

  2. Loved his first DVS shoe. Stoked that he found new shoe sponsor.