Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cell Phone Sneak Peeks: Vans Half Cab Fall 12 Preview. Part 2 of 2.

Van Half Cab with Steve Cab original artwork. Available Aug '12.

We're starting off the week on the right foot by bringing you the rest of the 20th Anniversary half cab collection from Vans. There are definitely better ways of exciting you guys for the following weekend but I can only do so much. At least with this collection you'll have something to look forward to as the warmer weather comes around. All of the half cabs featured will be release between the summer and fall months.

Next in line to be leaked is Steve Cab's very own design. Many know of his talents on & off the board. When he's not skating, he can be seen doing a number of things from playing with his band to making pieces of art. I'm sure a number of loyal fans have paid just as much attention to his art as they have his skating because it's just as impressive. Try not to mind the cell phone quality & check out the very detailed dragon. It's absolutely awesome.

Original Steve Cab artwork. (click to enlarge)

Last in line for the September release is featured artist Taka Hayashi. He was born in Japan & Santa Monica bred. That's one hell of a combination in any sense and so are the colors he picked for his half cab collaboration. I don't have the exact specs but from the looks of the photo, the upper is suede while the brown is leather. More info to come from the Vans collection down the line.

Congratulations to Cab, here's to another 20 years OG. If you want to check out any more of his original artwork, go to his website. He keeps it pretty regularly updated and you can buy his pieces directly from him.

Vans Half Cab September Release. Artist Taka Hayashi.

 With all of these updates, you must be asking "Where are all the reviews?". Luckily, we've been stacking and they'll be tons to come before the warmer weather hits. Aside from that, we've got a first glance this week on a shoe that I'm very excited about but it might be unnecessary.

Any guesses? Think 90's models that are still around today with a twist...
Check back Wednesday for that.



  1. where can i find these?????

  2. That dragon version of the Half Cab logo is seriously bad ass.

  3. They won't be available till summer-early fall.

  4. when are you going to show the emerica sneak peek